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Re: Weight and Strength Gain

First of all, how many days a week do you work out? How old are you? I'm sure you are going to get an earful but I can tell you from what you posted you eat, that is NOT NEAR ENOUGH FOOD to (a) sustain energy / strength gains (b) to gain any weight. You need to use Fitday or something to log in your food and check out your caloric intake. I'm a 34 yr. old female and I do CrossFit/SealFit 4-5 days a week and I eat WAY more food than that!! I eat about 2300-2500 cals a day and that's with trying to lose a few pounds!

By not eating enough, you will not have the energy to complete your WODS and recover properly. You need to aim for 1 gram of protein per body weight and add veggies, fruits and nuts. Some people eat carbs in the form of bread (sandwich) and pasta and if that works for you, go for it. Just add more protein. You should add some snacks throughout the day also. Trail mix, hardboiled eggs, nuts, greek yogurt, milk. It will help keep up the energy and will give you the calories you need to.

I would check out CrossFit Football. Great program for gaining strength and weight. If you want to add muscle, you should focus on a strength program. You can still do 2-3 short and heavy metcons a week with a good strength program and make strength/weight gains. Good luck.
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