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A smoothie that probably contains carrots, spinach, two fresh fruits, water, and some kind of berries.
I will also eat some kind of meat/egg/vegetable concoction. Usually it's a scramble with sausage or bacon, eggs, peppers, onions, tomatoes--that kind of thing.

Usually I fill up the rest of the day by snacking on trail mixes, fruits, and veggies. I'll also eat whatever I can get at events, work, or at a friends house. This means that my small snacks often include bread and bread products. But, since they aren't really meals--just keeping the blood sugar up--I don't get too worried.

Usually late afternoon. Usually meat. I never cook meat without a veggie or two or three, though. So, Imight do chicken stir-fry or a pork-chop wrapped in bacon with some onions and peppers, or a meat salad or something.

Just like lunch, but sometimes on rice or pita bread (I need to bulk up a little).

I pretty much always snack on what my roommates are eating, what I can get at the party or the bar, what I grab from 7-11, what I have leftover, or what I've purchased specifically for snacking purposes (frozen grapes, celery and peanut butter, etc.)

Basically, I mix up an endless variety of meats, fruits, and vegetables as my core food. I also snack on whatever I can get because I need the calories. I love to cook, so my healthy food is always good-tasting and fun as well. And, since my shopping budget is paleo, most of my unhealthy food is free!
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