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Cortisone : yay or nay?

After dealing with golfers elbow for going on a year now I'm starting to get a little discouraged, and I'm considering more "drastic" treatment then what I've been doing so far, which has been strengthening, stretching, and massage. I've also tried rest for several months but all that accomplished was making it worse.

So I'm thinking a cortisone shot may be in order, but I'm hesitent because of what I've heard of it being only a temporary solution, breaks down all tissue not just the inflammed tissue, and that it will probably come back. Is this true? Is or isn't cortisone a viable solution to tendonitis?

There's also surgery. Could anyone relate their GE surgery experiences and tell me how long they were out, if there were any long term negatives, or anything else I might need to know?

Thank you.
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