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Re: CFSB - Ask your questions here!

Originally Posted by Joshua Murphy View Post
Kempie -

Thanks for doing this. I have a couple of questions that I think you partially answered, but I am still looking for more clarity. For the high rep sets, it seems as though the goal is to increase the overall volume for the day at moderately heavy weight. I say moderately, because you will obviously be fatigued from the ME portion of the day (or at least if you are doing it right you will be). So for the high rep sets, you will conceivably never be at your "max" for that set (because of preceding fatigue). Was any thought put into switching the order of the high rep and ME sets from time to time? Also should we be looking at the high rep sets as volume training at 80-90% (or less) of our true max for a high rep set?

For me, I just plan to hit the high rep sets as heavy as possible, with the understanding that gains will most likely come faster and easier with ME sets.

Or am I way off?


Josh, it's a bit black box but just pick a load that will allow you to get into the specified rep range this week. Can just about guarantee you'll get an extra rep or two in next week. It's not so much about increasing volume for the sake of it. Rather, about developing a capacity that will be useful to us in our CrossFit workouts. Maybe you could get more reps with that load if you were fresh, but that's not really the aim. Rather, we want to develop the capacity to lift "heavy" things when tired.

When I started this I was managed to do 12-9-6 with 300lb deads. After 2 and a bit cycles I managed 17@330 and 11@360. I'm guessing that Linda at 300 is gonna be a bit easier next time round ...

Help any?

Cheers, kempie
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