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Re: CFSB - Ask your questions here!

One of the major questions seen so far is “What’s the deal with the high rep sets? You mean we do these as well as the ME? And the metcon?“

OK, that’s three questions but that seems to be the centre of folks difficulty with the program.

In practical terms the high rep sets seem to convert our limit strength increases to something usable in Crossfit workouts. It is a big contributor to the effectiveness of the program.

Once you have completed the ramp up cycle suggested in the Journal article then 3 days a week you will be doing some form of high rep work in addition to your ME sets.

Monday ME Back Squats + metcon
Tuesday ME Deadlifts + high rep deadlifts + metcon
Wednesday Rest
Thursday Metcon
Friday ME Front Squats + high rep back squats + metcon
Saturday ME Press + high rep press + metcon
Sunday Rest

For back squats only one high rep option is suggested (ie 15 - 20 reps). The multiple sets suggested for deadlifts and presses proved too much to recover from for pretty much every crash test dummy.

For deadlifts and presses two main options are given.

A single high rep set of somewhere between 12 and 21 reps. If you stick with the single set option (in general these are easier to recover from than the multi-set options) then once you hit the upper limit with a given load increase the weight next week and start working your way up again.

A multi set option (eg 15-12-9 or 10-7-4). For consistency a fixed rest of somewhere between 1 and 2 minutes between sets is recommended. If you successfully complete all 3 sets unbroken than move on to a greater volume option ie 15-12-9 => 21-15-9. If not then repeat next week.

Starting out on these high rep sets I would suggest starting with a single set of 12-15 and start with a load you know you could comfortably get 10 with. As long as you get 12 or so stick with that load and keep repeating that single set week on week until you manage 15 or more. Now is the time to try something like 12-9-6 (or even 10-7-4 for the press)
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