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Re: No Grains/No Sugars Support Group!!

I started Paleo in August 2008. Grains, although somewhat difficult for me to initially give up, were a non-issue after realizing how much better my body/mind felt/functioned on a regular basis without them. Now, the ingestion of most grains will make me feel like doo-doo almost immediately (and put me to sleep at my desk!). I also do not consume dairy on a regular basis, but love good cheeses for special occasions (ok, and ice cream). My biggest personal issue is sweets, especially chocolate and ice cream. I donít necessarily want to stop eating these things, but would like to be able to have more control over the amount I ingest when I do eat them. Iíd also like to change some of my negative thinking towards food; i.e. terminology such as ďCheat Days.Ē Iím going to stop using that phrase.

Looking forward to meeting you all! Happy New Years from Baghdad! Best of wishes to you and yours, whatever your hopes, dreams and Crossfit goals may be.
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