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Re: 5 Weeks of Starting Strength

Originally Posted by Jonathan Greene View Post
Congrats, Aaron.

Had you recently been training or focusing on the lifts you quoted prior to the SS program, outside of CF WOD's?

Have you plateaued on any lift?

I too am interested on how your metcon benchmarks have improved or declined. I imagine if anything they will have increased as your conditioning should not have slipped far in 5 weeks of barbell training but your strength has certainly improved.
I went to Rippetoe's barbell cert and read his book. Otherwise, no I was not doing any extra practice or anything. I'm the only trainer at my gym right now and I don't have a coach to work with me.

I plateaued on the squat at 275, reset to 265 then finally got 275 on my last day. On press it was 130, then reset to 120 and worked back up to 125 before finishing. The other lifts did not plateau in 5 weeks but my elbow hurts too much to continue.

I've since realized that I was doing the overhead press slightly wrong, letting the elbows drop far behind the bar at the bottom. This strained a tendon where my triceps connect and it hurts like a *****, even on pulling exercises. Oh well, better to make mistakes on myself than on others. It will be very correct now!
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