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Re: The Chronicles of Brooksie 1/2

So I spent the last 3 days in bed sick. For some reason I feel the need to blame Lamar for this.. I havent figured out why, but Jason said that as long as Im not blaming him then he is ok with it. So since I was in bed no official work out and my coach/husband told me not to do anything but rest.
Now Im at work bored out of my mind so I have been practicing my squats, and I actually think that I finally went down into the correct squat position. I only did two, but Im going to work it up, Im thinking about dropping my squat weight down like to 45# since Im working on correct position. Any who, Im not looking forward to the WOD today. Im considering scaling it down a little more than the puppies is already scaled down because after having a stomache bug for 3 days I dont really need to push myself too far.
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