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Re: 5 Weeks of Starting Strength

I've been watching this with great interest. About this time last year, my kids and I did SS for 3 months, before jumping into regular WODs. We had great success.

On Sunday, I started a 4-6 week SS cycle again, in the hope of strengthening some persistant weaknesses that have dogged my WOD progress since I started. I plan to carry on 'till I have to re-set squats twice, or until mid-March ... whichever comes first. At a current CFT of #730, I'm hoping to close out the cycle with a new CFT in the low-mid #800s.

Thanks again for posting your experience, Aaron. I'll be very interested to hear how your new strength affects your WOD performances, and how much met-con you appear to have dropped during your hiatus.

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