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Re: The Chronicles of Brooksie 1/2

Originally Posted by Amber Brooks View Post

2 rds of 3 squats at 95#
2 rds of 3 squats at 115#
2 rds of 3 squats at 135#
2 rds of 3 squats at 145#

After the squats I did 10 jumping pullups and 10 box pushups so I improved in two ways I increased my squat by 30# and moved from wall pushups to box pushups
WooHoo! Congratulations to you! You are doing most wonderful Mrs. Brooksie! Also, I hadn't realized I had moved from wall push-ups to box push-ups until you said it. Very nice job, indeed. I really liked your first CFT also, I couldn't do the back squat at all my first. WTG!
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