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Thanks, for those who have posted.Anyone else interested in responding, please do. Let me help out my first question a little bit. I have been crossfitting for about a year. I am a purple belt in bjj and trained with Claudio, Garth, and all of the great folks at crossfit santa cruz. My question, is due to the lack of interest in any crossfit type conditioning in the bjj academies I have been training in while living in Brazil.The normal response is, "If you want to get good at jiujitsu, do jiujitsu" I agree with this, but also feel crossfit adds an overall fitness link that is missing in most bjj academies. Just to stir the pot a little, Id like to have a Dan John or a Gayle Hatch look at a few bjj matches with a gi and get some world class advice on what they feel would work in putting out a world class jiujitsu player. Of the finalists in the world championships in Brazil this year how many of these fighters are in a program such as crossfit? I cant speek for them all, but as to what I have seen here, not many. Any ideas or comments anyone has, would be greatly appreciated. Dan John or Mark Twight if you get time please help out here. thanks in advance.
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