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Re: 2017 CrossFit Open, Regionals and Games Thread

Originally Posted by Christopher Morris View Post
Well, it was an entertaining Games season. The spectacle has definitely been polished and dialed in. Presentation and commentary has improved.

It's a shame to see the decline of the discussion boards. In CrossFit we like to measure and quantify things. Here is the decline I've noticed on the forum:

2013 Open, Regionals and Games Thread: 2,224 comments, 476,692 views

2014 CrossFit Open, Regionals, and Games Thread: 1,800 comments, 547,598 views

2012 Open, Regional and Games thread: 1,527 comments, 358,013 views
2015 CrossFit Open, Regionals, and Games Thread: 1,076 comments, 455,547 views

CF Games 2011 General Thread: 994 comments, 124,650 views

These are the most popular threads in the Competitions section (by number of comments). Discussing the Games season used to bring in thousands of comments and hundreds of thousands of views.

The 2017 Games thread had just 197 comments and 61,000 views. I don't think this is because of a decline in popularity of the sport. It's a decline in popularity of the discussion boards.

I would love to see more discussion on the boards, and to hear more points-of-view on the Games season from more people. I would love to see an update to the format of the message boards (an idea in the works since at least 2014 - wfs). I would love to see more registered users here. HQ, are you listening? (wfs)
Yeah it's kind of sad really. The discussions here were great actually, and I learned so much here. I'm thankful for the time that I was here and can only imagine how much better it would have been had I been here for a year or 2 prior to my join date.

Seems reddit is the go to now days but I hate their format.
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