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Re: Starting back after one year off

Yes, its self-promotion but you asked and I think it may fit the bill.

Check out

There are thousands of ways to get back into it, get strong again, get more fit, etc. A lot of the ones out there (which are just as good if not better) that I have been inspired by usually provide a bit "higher level" programming. In my case (the above site), I have low level stuff as well. Maybe it may fit better in helping you to transition at an easier pace.

Just some thoughts. Otherwise if nothing else, simply google to your hearts content then, via my website (without touching my programming) use the contact form and send me an email simply asking "hey, what do you think about program X".

I'll give you my honest opinion on it and if its good, I'll sell you on it as if it were my own, regardless of who or where it comes from. I'm pretty confident in my stuff but also respect good stuff and put a lot (A LOT) of time, energy and effort into weeding through the BS out there and knowing what works and what doesn't.
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