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Yes, I know I'm a wimp...LOL
I'm thinking about saving up the gym fees and putting the money into gradually building up a home gym (all we have now are a few dumbbells that don't get used much since pulling them out/putting them back every time ends up leaving them in the closet). It looks like in about two years I could get a really good setup built up.
My question is location. My basement is a good concrete floor but too low for my partner to do *anything* overhead (he's 6' and the ceiling joists are as low as 7'). My garage is heavily used & VERY unheated, brr! That would leave me frozen out of my gym for four months of the year.
For bumper plates & a lifting platform, how much floor support (given max wt of, say, 200 lbs, minimal dropping) would a regular joisted floor need to have? Is this even possible?
And given a very open-plan house, what could I do to make the workout area look less...sweaty/smelly?
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