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Re: Conjugate CF article

Originally Posted by Wisam Saeed View Post
My coach wont mind me doing this programming, especially that im doing it to address a weakness that I have.

Good thing is that my gym posts the programming for the whole week on the beginning of every week, so I can plan accordingly.

My point of asking is that if I go ME on shoulder presses only, for 3 weeks without addressing any upper body part heavily, doing WOD only for those whole 3 weeks, wont be there discrimination?

I usually do 1 heavy exercise for each CF lift a week, like 1 Bench Press, 1 Deadlift, 1 Squat, all those heavy once a week. So leaving all those behind to work on 1 muscle for 3 weeks is new to me.

Dont get me wrong im not doubting the program its just a new thing to me im trying to learn more about an understand
When you say discrimination, what do you mean in that context?
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