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Re: Conjugate CF article

Originally Posted by Wisam Saeed View Post
I want to start your program tomorrow and I read most of the thread here which answered a lot of my questions. But I have one question or maybe a problem.

1) Lets say I start the 3 week cycle with strict press and I go next day to the gym to a crossfit WOD, in a crossfit class, there is always the "Skill" part and the "WOD" part, lets say the skill of the day was a bench press, do I skip that? its not a shoulder workout its a chest workout so unrelated to my yesterdays ME.

The thing is I go to a gym to a class, so I dont control what WOD I do everyday. so what do you suggest?
As noted, if you want to follow the programming you need to follow the programming. Can you speak with your coach and ask if you can follow the program for a period of time?
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