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Re: 2014 Open Training

Crushed some lifts today. Very happy.

Aug 29
WOD #6 from the BCBD
One Deadlift + Hang Clean (above knee) + Thruster (3 = one full complex) per minute, increase by 15lbs from 150 to 285
151x3 166x3 181x3 196x3 211x3 226x3 241x3 (Huge PR thruster) 256x2 (Cleaned)

Felt great, I think come competition day I may actually be able to get 255. I looked back and 226 was actually my previous PR so that's a 15lb PR.

Then... Some Reps, Deadlift + Hang clean + thrusters (one point for each rep, so 5 = 3 thrusters)
206x7 (PR set of 5 thrusters) 216x5 (PR set of 3 thrusters) 221x5 (PR set of 3 thrusters)

Very happy with these! I was definitely not expecting this!

Tabata Tire Fips - 8 Rounds
Score: 5/5/5/5/4/5/5/5 = 39

Felt great, form was better than expected. I stubbed my thumb on fifth round so through me off a little. Pretty happy, I was breathing pretty heavy near the end. They were down with the same standard as the competition where you have to run to the other side for each rep.
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