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Weight - 193lbs

That's more like it!! Was fearing the worst - this week, I only did 2 solid workouts, no squash and no light football practise. Add to this that I ate absolute rubbish last weekend and yesterday my resolve collapsed and succumbed to some really rubbish food (back on the wagon now, just a few things caught up with me yesterday and I'm a bugger for comfort eating!).

15th April - 199.4lbs
22nd April - 196.8lbs (-2.6lbs)
5th May - 194.6 (-2.2lbs/-4.8lbs)
12th May - 193lbs (-1.6lbs/-6.4lbs)

Will do measurements and weight again next Saturday.

Todays plan is to go to the gym later this afternoon and do some light accessory work, a few laps in the pool and then into the hydro pool and sauna to loosen up for our game tomorrow. Going to be a very physical game, there's not a lot of love between us and Manchester - they are strong favourites but win, lose or draw they'll know we were there.
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