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Re: Compression Gear

Originally Posted by Justin Shaw View Post
of course I was order #102!
They're clearly going fast; I ordered on Thursday AM and it was at #88

Originally Posted by Greg Light View Post
Thanks Ron. I'll be curious to hear what you think about how our stuff stacks up vs your Skins stuff.
I've been wearing Skins for a couple years now, and was looking at something cheaper as well as more versatile. It was also a bonus that these things cover the sock portion and the compression portion all in one (the skin calve sleeves stil require a separate pair of socks). I've used the A400 calve tights, and their previous version that had the stirrups.

The compression on these socks is noticeably different. The Skins felt more localized, whereas these are felt throughout the bottom part of the leg, from around the gastrox part of the calve muscle, all around to the front as well. They were a b!tch to get on, clearly that was the expectation given that they are compression socks, not comfort socks.

That all being said, the material was thicker than the Skins (these are clearly woven differently), but even then there was no issue of any sort of uncomfortable feeling during training this AM. As someone who sweats like a hooker in confession and starts to pour buckets of the stuff before any serious training starts, this was a huge bonus.

The main reason I was looking to transition from Skins was that the barbell was starting to catch on the skins during any kind of lifting (particularly on the "older" versions where the stitching is right up the middle of your calve in bright yellow; this would always catch whenever I was lifting). After 55 DLs this AM, this wasnt an issue with the Spun socks, though time will tell after a lot of washes.

Now, I'm still partial to my "travel" Skins as I have worn these for 24 hours straight and by the grace of God dont stink like a NY sewer, though the socks are clearly worth it for general day to day training and are a good compliment to Skins if you want them for competitions and race days.
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