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Re: Anatabloc

Hi Michael,

I completely understand your reservations. That is why I always recommend that someone perform their own due diligence. Regarding ownership in the company itself, you will find people who purchased the stock and then tried Anatabloc for themselves. You will also find people who have tried Anatabloc then decided to purchase the stock. There are also other reasons why I purchased the stock aside from Anatabloc. But, that has nothing to do with this conversation.

As far as experts go, Johns Hopkins' involvement provides a very high level of credibility for me. The same can be said for the Roskamp Institute. When you have a chance, visit the website for the institute. They are involved in fascinating work. The doctors who head up the institute are heavy hitters in the field of Alzheimers research. (There is ongoing research that shows that anatabine reduces a protein in the brain that plays a role in Alzheimers.)

I have followed Crossfit since 2007. But, I had a couple of injuries along the way that limited my ability to perform certain Crossfit activities. After using the Anatabloc, I am now able to do pretty much everything I was doing before with some limitations but much less pain. In addition, I used to take Claritin and Fluticasone (a nasal steroid) for Chronic Rhinitis which is an enlargement of the turbinates (inflammation related) in your nose which makes it difficult to breathe through your nose. I have not taken either since beginning Anatabloc. I have read stories of the same thing happening for people with sinus issues.

Almost every day, I eat fruits and nuts for breakfast and a salad for lunch with some type of protein. And, I don't take any drugs or supplements lightly. In fact, the only other supplement I take is Vitamin D. So, I did my own due diligence before taking Anatabloc, especially given the cost.

I can only speak to my personal experience and that I am very pleased with the results. When you read the stories of others who have tried it, which also gave me some comfort, there is a significant body of anecdotal evidence that it works. Taken in combination with the research that has already been done and is continuing to grow and expand, I feel comfortable with my decision. But, each person has to decide what is best for them.

Have a great day.


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