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Re: Anatabloc

I know it works because I use it myself. But, I was curious if any other Crossfitters were using it and what their experiences were. I actually learned about Anatabloc after investing in the company that makes it, Star Scientific. The active ingredient is Anatabine which is an anti-inflammatory neutraceutical naturally occurring in green tomatoes, peppers and tobacco. The anatabine in Anatabloc is synthesized. It has been shown to be three to four times more effective then Alleve, aspirin, Lipitor of Celebrex at reducing inflammation. Johns Hopkins and the Roskamp Institute are currently performing studies on it. But, they have also performed other studies that have demonstrated its effectiveness and there has been a peer reviewed article published in a European medical journal. Since many illnesses are tied to inflammation, there have been numerous testimonials from people with many different types of inflammation related injuries/illnesses that have reported remarkable results.

One of the surprises has been the number of people on Amazon, Facebook, GNC and the Yahoo message boards discussing the benefits of Anatabine for athletes in various sports who have either some type of injury or soreness from hard workouts. I can attest to this myself. So, given the rigorous nature of Crossfit workouts, I was wondering if it was being used by Crossfitters. I believe this will become the next aspirin in the next few years (as it pertains to any inflammation related, illness, soreness or injury).

Fred Couples, the golfer, has just begun endorsing the product after he contacted the company because of the results he has seen personally from using it. If I sound like a paid advertisement for Anatabloc, it is because I am almost evangelical about it. I have recommended it to all my friends who have some sort of inflammation related issue to include sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, arthritis, Crohn's disease, Plantars Fasciatis, ulcerative colitis, fibromyalgia, gout etc.

Sorry for the long reply. But I believe there are alot of Crosfitters who could benefit from Anatabloc.

Have a great night.