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Re: Ryan's Quest to Learn the Snatch

Also not an expert here.

1) Continuing on what Ron says, have your feet shoulder width apart.

Walk up to a plyo box and prepare to jump onto it. That is, wind up as if you're jumping, but stop yourself before you actually leave the ground, and note how far apart your feet are. That should be your starting snatch stance width (and they should be about shoulder width apart).

2) Your snatch grip doesn't look wide enough either. I can't see it entirely clearly, but that grip looks only marginally than your regular press grip.

Also, are your shoulders active and your arms completely locked rock solid?

3) Keep the barbell as close to your body as possible. In your video, it looks like once the barbell clears your knees, there's a pretty sizable gap between your body and the bar. Leaning backwards during the second pull and shrug might help.

4) You're hopping backwards. I don't remember off the top of my head how that's corrected. Maybe someone else can offer advice?

5) Overall it looks like it's lacking a bit in snap and aggression. Are you cutting your hip extension short? Are you getting the elevation from the shoulder shrug?

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