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David Wood
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Hey Zev:

Well, Andrew is right . . . it's not about how you did relative to anyone else, it's your own improvement yada yada yada.


OK, I'll be serious. Andrew *is* right, and, I assure you, you will get better than that, and, after a few months on CF, you will be blown away by two different things:

(a) how far you have come
(b) how far you have yet to go.

Odds are good that there will *always* be someone better than you at something . . .

OK, all that: 10 minutes seems to me pretty darn good for a first Fran. I know my first-ever date with her was about 14 minutes (my pullups were terrible). Unless you're already in awesome shape, I expect your time will come down a lot.

Good times ahead (in both senses of the word).
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