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Re: Snatch Balance

Originally Posted by Shane Skowron View Post
I looked at another one of her videos and she does not snatch that narrow. So why do snatch balances that narrow? They looked more like squat jerks. (wfs)
Oh, I agree. I know she doesn't snatch that narrow. I was just pointing out that she can get away with it. When I do snatch balances or OHS or behind the neck jerks, I always go slightly more narrow than my snatch grip because it significantly reduces wrist pain. I don't know Allison't logic, and she is way narrow compared to what I do. I can ask her.

ETA: Allison said she just recently changed her grip on the actual snatch to make it wider. She used to snatch with a narrow grip because it felt more comfortable. So, the snatch balance grip in the video is how she's always done it.

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