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3 sets of 9 warmup

Thanks, Teresa! Great to hear from another Crossfitter mom.

Met my goal for week 1. Feeling comfortable with my wimpy warmup. For now I will use this version of the warmup (3 sets of 10- Sampson stretch, squat, crunch, superman, push-up on knees, chair dip). This week the chair dips were on 6 inch blocks, next week will move to toddler chairs. Beginning tomorrow, I will look at the BrandX scaled WOD and try to do the easiest version. There will be plenty of modifications based on ability and substitutions based on lack of equipment, but I will do what I can. I have ordered a jump rope, and watched the video on the basic bounce. As soon as it arrives, I will work towards being able to do 100 basic bounces in a row. That will probably be my substitution for most cardio-type exercises in the WOD.
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