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Elizabeth Walsh
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Elizabeth's log

About me… I am mother of twin toddlers with very little workout equipment and no time or money to go to the gym. Before babies, I was in reasonably good shape. I didn’t do much to ‘workout’ but got plenty of exercise from activities I enjoy. I lost all my pregnancy weight and got back into my old clothes in only a few months, but now, a year and a half later, I still have very little strength or endurance. I also have one shoulder that has been hurting for about a year. Doctor says there is nothing serious, just take anti-inflamatories, do prescribed exercises and don’t do things that hurt. I’m hoping that building up the strength in that area will fix it.
I’m going to ease into the Crossfit plan VERY slowly…
This week I will be getting comfortable with the “official warmup” with some substitutions.

Goal: 5 days of workouts - general stretching, doctor prescribed shoulder exercises, and 3 rounds of Sampson stretch, squat, crunch, superman, push-up (on knees), and dip. I will start with only 5 reps of each exercise and increase, as I am able. I will have to drop the push ups and dips if they hurt my shoulder.

Day 1: did 3 sets of 5 reps
Day 2: 7-6-6
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