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CFSB... and a new CFT PR!

Two months ago, I started a self-made strength biased hybrid, to get back the strength I have lost due to reduced focus. After 4 weeks, I tested my CFT at 680... 20 lbs off my PR in March last year. Immediately afterward, the CFSB program was presented to the public. I adopted CFSB (with a couple very minor tweaks) instead of my own program. CFSB takes less time and does more for my metcon.

After another 4 weeks, I retested my CFT today:

Squat: 265 (previous PR 270)
Press: 125 (PR by 5!)
Deadlift: 315 (PR by 5!)

Total: 705 (PR by 5!)

That's 5.2x BW at 135 lbs.

CFSB works. It should be noted that I'm not working under optimal conditions... 4 12-hour shifts a week at a job that is basically 12 hours of walking, plus half-time in college, means it's very difficult to eat well, eat enough, sleep enough, or take time to work out. I believe CFSB's lower volume has helped my recovery, and the high-rep set helps push when you feel like you can't (both mid-metcon and when you stall half-way up on a PR lift).

I'm taking the rest of this week for recovery... plan to do another 4 weeks and re-test again. Will report results here.

Thanks to Jeff and his many test dummies for developing this hybrid.
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