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As some of you may know, one of my near term fitness goals (at least for the next couple of years) is to be able to function with a relative ease in a no-oxygen environment (i.e. underwater). That will require me to be able to do the most physical work and for the longest time, with only the oxygen that is in my lungs and blood.

In other words, I´m always looking for ways with which to increase my Oxygen Capacity, and reduce my Oxygen consumption with activity. Do more, with less.

Now, I know the routine a lot of freedivers follow (Hypoxic weight training) and I´m not too thrilled about it, first because it will hurt my strenght, power and stamina, and second because you´re just begging for an injury. Being away from serious training due to injury is something I cannot afford.

So how can I modify or modulate my current training to help get better at the areas listed? Should I just try and do crossfit «with less breaths»? Should I do more anaerobic/interval training? More aerobic training?

Somehow, I know the more sadist among us are thinking (Hypoxic Crossfit, now that´s a whole new challenge)

And BTW, I have not seen an increase or progress in my apnea from following any intense fitness protocol in the past.
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