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Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.

Sunday went sprinting instead of burpee and pullup workout. Probably too damn sore armwise to do pushups anyways.

First time sprinting since last fall? I've been running sporadically since then but generally not sprinting unless doing vault. Way different ball game.

Biked about a mile to local HS that has a soft track.

Warmed up with leg swings, squats, lunges, candlestick to stands, buttkickers, high knees. Progressed to doing one foot hoops with arm circles on both feet. Progressed to doing arm pump/leg kick action that shows ankle strength is poor. Really did hurt myself when doing these last fall for a bit across the floor.

Was planning to do three sets of 100-200-400 and finish with an 800.

Did 100 and 200 ok at 85-95% and 75-85% intensity. Tried running 400 on forefoot and just gassed out on calves. Calves got sore. Did the next 100 and 200 just fine and decided could not do 400 on forefoot so ran it pose/distance like with ok time. Need more endurance on this distance. Bugs were really start to eat me and calves were dying so went home.

Next day, Tuesday, and still Wednesday calves are all ****ed. Hobbling around like a gimp, even standing is weird. However, rest of legs are fine though inside of legs were a bit sore on Monday but could still do tabata squats without any problems.

Hopefully by weekend will go running again. Plan is to run on weekends, generally sundays for sprint training. Maybe run during the week one distance run.

Going to continue running 100 and 200 sets sprint style and switch to 400 long distance/pose style. Start off with 3 or 4 sets and finish with an 800.

May eventually do 100, 300, 600 sets and eventually build up to a mile run. 4 laps, how boring. Will probably alternate this sprint set with other doing 800 to finish and eventually a mile.
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