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Camille Lore
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Camille the newb

Thought I should start tracking here so it's easier for me to find.
At this point, I'm 3 weeks into Crossfit. I did skip Wed's WO this week bc I went with Ali to check out the dog.
Tonight I swam all of a new Swimplan workout bc we got out of work early. I also shoveled the walk and driveway for one hour, so I'm skipping the WOD but I'd like to do it! lol
Just measured my waist- 36". My daily plate shows these measurements on Feb 13th
TAPE-L thigh-21
R thigh- 20.5 (mid thigh)
Hips & butt- 40
Waist- 38.5
R bi- 12.5
L bi 11.5
Chest 38

I noticed yesterday that I have biceps under my fat!
And... I shoveled for the whole hour without breaking. I only stood up to straighten my back. I can clearly remember shoveling a few sections of sidewalk, huffing and puffing and stopping to breathe. I must be getting in better shape!!

L thigh- 20.5
r- 20.5
hips and butt-39.5
38.5 over t
r bi- 12
l bi- 11.5

Trying to eat more fruit and veggies. Feel pretty darn good today.
My butt looks much better than it did when I started taking pics!
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