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Kevin King
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I am pleased that you want to improve your health. It is never too late to begin a new exercise or diet regimen to improve/preserve your health!

That said: I am an emergency physician and have seen a lot of patients with issues similar to yours on my gurney in full cardiac arrest. The outcome is rarely a happy one. You MUST seek advice from your cardiologist about the exercise regimen that is right for you. With any resistance exercise you run a significant risk of triggering a lethal arrhythmia (an electrical disturbance in your heart) that will trigger cardiac arrest. Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is generally fatal. Please do not perform any exercise that is not explicitly approved by your physician, the risks are just too great.

Crossfit is an extremely intense exercise program that incorporates a great deal of resistance exercise. I cannot recommend it for you under any circumstances unless YOUR physician approves it. However, you are right on the money by following a good diet. If you smoke, stop. Talk your cardiologist about the right exercise program for you. Best of luck and please let us know how everything goes for you!

-- Kevin
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