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Re: 2017 CrossFit Open, Regionals and Games Thread

I don't think that the dumb bells are a big ask. Saying this we have 45 pairs of them in our gym. So I guess that every gym is different. I bet it will bother a few and cause a few to not turn in scores. Overall crossfit has to keep on getting better to stay the same so this involves up grading events and exercises causing more equipment to be purchased.

AA Bikes don't think they will do these. These bikes have not made much of a difference in the Regionals or games. Just a steady push for the events so far. If they did do an all out 50 cal for time in a workout at either level then the bikes would be for real. Its weird because they can cause such pain and havoc on you but they lay just as accessory work in the events.

So until they drop the hammer I don't think that AA bikes will be coming to a open any time soon.
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