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Re: Rehband Knee Sleeve Fit

Originally Posted by Joe Bernard View Post
That's great to hear! Did you go with the 7' or 28'? The rogue site says 7' is good for individuals but I just want to make sure. When you used it for your knee did you do it how K Star did it when he had Matt Chan do it in a video or is there a different way to do it?

I used the rehband knee sleeves for front squats and Bulgarian split squats tonight and my knee felt awesome! I should have bought these when I first had knee issues, my knee was really warm the whole time and didn't feel weird at all; best investment for my knees I've made so far.
I got the pair of 7' rolls. The 28' tends to be for the affiliates that want to make their own. I did it just like the Chan video, but any wrap in that manner works. He has some YouTube videos that display the technique.

Glad to hear the Rehbands worked well for you! I wished I'd gotten mine sooner too!
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