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Re: Should I do more than the WOD?

General rule of thumb is strength/power stuff first and foremost. I do my strength work before the WOD........ some days if I'm up for it (have the time, energy levels are good) I'll practice my Oly's - technique stuff with light weight later on in the day (Strength & WOD in the morning, then come back and practice Oly's at night).

The advanced athletes at my gym (guys who make regionals ect) do 2 WOD's a day.....however these guys eat WOD's in general and knock out like sub 6's for your typical stock standard crossfit WOD's. In general our WOD's only last about 10 minutes, 12 -15mins max, given that intensity drops off after around 8 mins.

Best way to gauge this is to look for signs and symptoms of overtraining .....
You know your body better than anyone so it's your call at the end of the day
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