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David Russell
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Re: David's log 2012

Tue am
Deadlift x5: 295lb,335
Squat x5: 205lb,215
1 round
70 lb press x20
165 lb squat x20
265 lb deadlift x10

8min AMRAP
155lb clean and push press x3
Pull-up x6
4 rounds (nasty clean form)

Thu am
hill sprints 30:90x6

Press x5: 130lb,135,140,160x1
Pull-up x5: 30lb,35,45,80x1
Clean&jerk skill work

Sat am
Deadlift x5: 305lb,345
Squat x5: 215lb,225,245(x6)
Bench x5: 165lb,185,195
Row: 175lbx2, 155x6

Next week= rest week
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