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Garrett Smith
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4 high payoff areas (foot, ankle, hip, thoracic) 3 reps

15 reps, decline situps, back extensions, OHS, pushups on handles, body rows, Samson stretch 15"

BW 172#
Modified WOD:
86# BB High Pull x 7,5,3 (Level I, done)
30" Handstand hold
130# DL x 7,5,3 (Level I, done)
Ring Dips x 3,2,1

1 round FlowFit yoga

I have chosen to not record times anymore. Through doing CF "as Rx'd" previously, I believe that my general fitness will rise whether or not I time it. Timing it feeds into my OCD Type A stuff too much and I choose not to do that. My only criteria is that I see improvement (however I decide to measure it) over the long run. IMO, the short run is for the short-sighted. I personally want to be working out with my grand- and great-grandkids, not sitting around while they play talking about what a great athlete I "used to be".

Going to the racquetball club/weight room with my dad and watching him do the "pec dance" after he did bench presses at my house were some of the biggest motivators for me to become interested in fitness. I want to pass that on for as long as I can.
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