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Re: 2010 games scoring - impossible to catch up?

I just got bored with all those metcons, too. I'm not sure that we need a true max-strength effort every year. sometimes, yes,of course.
besides, I liked the way they tossed in the "max overhead" event at the end of the descending hell.en.
did it for me.

allthough I wanted to see some kind of sprint-variation.

ah yes, as I already said, it didn't really favor the small guys.
315 might not be that heavy but a few pistols and double unders aren't anything near of what could be done unbroken repeatedly.

if there is:
3 rounds of:
100 double unders
50 pistols
30ft handstand walk

THEN it's biased towars the smaller guy as would a max lift (or king kong??) favor the bigger guy...
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