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Re: What is the functionality of kipping

I see the WOD that differentiates the two. My question is not about that WOD, it is directed at why CrossFit trains kips for other-than-training purposes, when as a theory CF seems to be about challenging weaknesses.

I don't believe the argument that kipping is a different exercise (metcon) than pullups (strength). Do 21 strict pullups -- it's a metcon (that happens to take a lot more strength than I have).

Kipping is a pullup altered so that where most people are weak (fully extended) is compensated for by manipulating body momentum. I totally understand this as a training tool (similar to bands). It helps new people, weak people, women in general, train and build upper body strength. What I don't understand is why CF seems to stop there, and never move to the final stage -- "strict pullup" for the "as RX" WODs. Being new to CF, as I stated, maybe I am missing something obvious here.

[along similar and completely opposite lines, "kipping" eg momentum manipulation is verboten with Knees to Elbows, for instance, which makes sense and seems to contradict CF pullup theory]

In any case, I am sure it has been discussed a thousand times. But nothing that showed up in the first several pages I searched directly answered the specific question I had. Thanks to those that replied.