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Re: Opinions on Paul Chek?

Originally Posted by Shane Skowron View Post
Better is a vague term. What does it mean to do water aerobics better?
Longer deals with endurance, and endurance is merely an aspect of fitness. Additionally, since there is no metric, it is impossible to determine the quality of the longer session. If you run 1 mile longer than you normally do but you have to slow down to a crawl to do it, does that mean you are really getting fitter because you can run more? In running there is the metric of minutes per mile. That way you can gauge whether or not you are really getting fitter by going longer.

CF's metrics are measurable and specific. If you deadlift more weight than another guy, you are stronger at deadlifts, period. There is no way to dispute that. It is easy to make generalizations with regard to metrics in water aerobics, like Person A is ready to puke whereas Person B feels fine, therefore Person B is fitter. But when Person B and Person C appear the same, what is the metric to differentiate them?
getting faster at WOD's or lifting more is also a byproduct of fitness. The point is, what makes CF great is not a measurable outcome.
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