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Re: Foundations Curriculum

I'd like to thank David for being so generous as to host these files, rather than using the filesharing site. This will allow for more control over making changes, keeping versions current, etc. Any suggestions for additions are strongly encouraged, as this was based off of a timetable that was fairly loosey-goosey in terms of content, but also rigid in how many days we had to conduct it. If somebody has suggestions for a way of constructing it for more defined timelines (one or two hours per session, over a number of days or weeks, for example) please advise on how it would be better put together, and it shouldn't be too difficult to cobble something together.

I have been investigating a method of converting these files to be able to play in a standard DVD player (i.e hooked to a TV). This would likely make it much easier for many people to present something to people, or to have it available for people (i.e the clients, students, people who were receiving the presentation (bosses who would make a decision on whether CF would be used in their organization for PT programs), etc) to take home and view on their own, thereby creating a longer lasting impression.

I will look into this, and see about creating a more generic presentation (ditch the army-centric things, tighten up some of the graphics, etc), and post it for trial consumption. The problem being, of course, that it becomes uneditable once it is put into DVD-viewable format. I could create custom presentations (using a specific unit or organization crest, for example), but that would be dependant on how much free time I have. I've recently retired from the military, and don't have a job at the moment, so I have an abundance of free time

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