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Re: I Need Help

Originally Posted by Adam Shreim View Post
Apologies for the long post. I am in a similar boat to you and after I finish this program and head to my next duty station in January, I need to have a lot of this figured out for myself, too. Good luck.
I've looked into the Barbell Shrugged program but a) didn't like the price and when I finally realized the price wasn't all that bad I b) decide after they started.

Do you have a log. I'd be interested in seeing the progress.

Our BF standards are about the same. I have fallen into the trap of gaining to quickly. Thats where I am now. I have to zone in a slice down a little. Granted I know some BF gain is needed to increase size but we have to walk a thin line here....especially since I am getting older and running at 6300+ feet each day. A pound to me adds seconds on my run.

Taking your advice and the advice of others in this thread and combining that with my love for 5/3/1....I think my current plan of action will be to rack and stack my goals and weakness then create some WODs that focus on these items in accordance with Wendler's template and rotate these through my 5/3/1 work for a while.
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