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Re: I Need Help

Barbell Shrugged has a 26+ week program that is designed to increase your lifts while maintaining conditioning. Chances are pretty good that some of the MetCons they program will be harder than what you are used to doing, unless you do A LOT of Mainsite WODs.

They provide daily video coaching that kind of explains diets and go over a lot of useful information about each lift/movement, all the time.

It is weightlifting focus, though. Meaning the strength gains are also designed to increase your Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

The premise of the program was to gain 26 pounds in 26 weeks, then change into a conditioning-heavy phase for a few weeks while altering the diet to support fat loss.

Here is a sample (today's workout), Week 3, Day 1:
Snatch 2 @ 50%, 2 @ 60%, 2 @ 70%, 2 @ 80%, 1 @ 85%, 1 @ 90%
Clean 2 @ 60%, 2 @ 70%, 2 @ 75%, 2 x 1 @ 80%
Barbell Walking Lunge 5 x 5 @ 5 lbs heavier than last week; rest 3-5 min
4 Rounds:
15 Box Jumps (24")
5 Toes to Bar
16 Pistols

Because I am in the Navy, I add some extra (timed) runs and if the MetCon has something programmed that I can't do in my garage (which for me is Rope Climbs, Rowing, GHD-anything & Ring Muscle-ups), then I sub those parts with calisthenics.

Another part of the puzzle is diet. You could look into something like Eat to Perform (I decided to give it a shot, yesterday). It is tough to follow a structed diet when deployed, but when you're at home, I would try to make it count - at least 6 days out of the week - until you reach the "size" you are looking for.

I can give you an update in how it goes for me every 2 months, if you actually want one.

Also, I will offer a simple warning... be careful wanting to express lane "size." I decided I want to weigh at least 195#, at 5' 6". I ended up grossly over-shooting into 215 and am still trying to figure out how I need to eat. My Lean Body Mass has gone from about 128# to 166# since I started and the large majority of that bulk was put on in about 8 months. I tried to zone out and diet like I was my former-self and just ended up under feeding myself, while constantly striving to get stronger.

Don't let chasing a weight, also let you get fat. Our limit is 22% and I am too lazy to Google the Army's, but you can go from 15% to 22% pretty quickly if you are not careful.

You should probably try and make some very clear-cut goals about strength and endurance numbers and speed times. Then try to program your workouts to achieve them. Stuff like 5/3/1 won't be "enough," most likely, unless you are doing the full program (e.g. "Boring But Big"). If you don't want your endurance to suffer, you will want to program your MetCons specifically around the areas you want to maintain or improve.

Doing 5/3/1 and then looking up a MetCon from a website may not be your best bet, anymore. YOUR specific goals will be different from vs OPT vs Outlaw vs Invictus vs Local Box A, B, C. So you have to find one that aligns with your goals and exclusively follow them, or program for yourself. Not to say that you can't steal/borrow/perform WODs others have made up because they have some movements in a time/rep domain you like, but YOU have to determine WHEN you are going to do them.

It will also be slow moving to get better in both arenas, but it has to be doable. If you aren't trying to get better at weightlifting (snatch, c&j), then it wouldn't make a ton of sense to hit 5/3/1 Bench and Squat and then go do "Grace" because it popped up on wherever you get your program.

If you are doing your programming for yourself, you have to avoid only doing what you like. Inversely, you don't want to program stuff that is so hard you're always feeling super beat-up. I would just find your definition of "mid-range" and shoot for that on a regular basis. Most MetCons would consist of 5-15 minutes with 5-20 reps of particular movements.

Apologies for the long post. I am in a similar boat to you and after I finish this program and head to my next duty station in January, I need to have a lot of this figured out for myself, too. Good luck.
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