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I Need Help

I feel as if for some reason I am confused. I have been around CrossFit since 2009. I have done Main Page, CFE, CFFB, 5/3/1 and others. Currently I am trying to see where I want to go in my life. I am no bigger then I was in 2009. I am actually much smaller and not much stronger then 2011 when I was CFFB exclusively.

I want to be strong, gain some more size, and run 7 min miles for 3-5 miles. I've been told this is almost impossible. I am an active duty Army 1SG so I get PT in the am then hit the weights at night in my garage.

I am leaning towards SS because I can get my conditioning in the am with PT. However this does not prep me for our quarterly "Brigade Games" which consist of air squats, burpee pull-ups, 100s of lunges, etc.

Why am I so confused....because I want size, strength, and power but the Army wants endurance and speed.

What would you recommend?

Currently untested considerations are an OPT style program.


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