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Trying out a new diet idea

So recently all this high fat talk has had me thinking. I was looking through my coursework from the past and review the function of lipids. As I recall, PUFA fats lower LDL and raise HDL levels. Saturated fats raise both. My thought is to fast and consume 40g of fish oil and 100 g of coconut oil. Since coconut oil doesn't raise LDL, this will be a synergetic combo I think. My hope is to get my LDL as close to zero as possible and bring my low thirties HDL up to 100 or so.

I plan to take in about 120g of protein a day and as close to no carbs as possible. I was wondering if drinking alcohol would help speed up the loss of water and I could be where I want to get in about 2-3 days? I think there was a guy who posted here a few years ago about something like that. It is mostly just alcohols and not many carbohydrates so it shouldn't affect ketosis right? Or should I wait and do it the old fashion way?

New goal is to cut the roughly 30lbs of fat on my body I calculated myself to have down to 10. Thoughts or any modifications? I was thinking I might have to up the fat so I have energy.....I have to cut weight and get back in shape for a Coast Guard contract with special missions unit.
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