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Friday, January 06, 2006 - Crossfit WOD 060106

Bike 4 minutes @ 20kmh

Anthony (BW=180)
Row 800m
Clean 155x9
Row 600m
Clean 115x15
Row 400m
Clean 85x21
Time: 14:00

Jodi (BW=110)
Run 800m
Clean 55x9
Run 600m
Clean 45x15
Run 400m
Clean 35x21
Time: 15:49

Lori (BW=?)
Run 800m
Burpees x 9
Run 600m
Burpees x 15
Run 400m
Burpees x 21
Time: 17:23

Whooo! I felt awesome today. The rows were a bit slow because of some cramping shins, but the cleans felt fast. My technique was not the best (not jumping/dipping enough), but not bad overall. Tomorrow is 5x5 ... deads, military, chins. I'll scale the weight back this week and then continue +5/10 as usual.

Jodi flew through and is looking comfortable with the cleans, she probably could have used more weight.

Lori is the front desk girl. We convinced her to try a workout, but she wasn't comfortable with cleans so she subbed burpees. She's preparing for rugby, so I think crossfit will do her well.
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