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Coach Glasssman had some great things to say on this subject, over the weekend, at the certification seminar.

Essentially, an endurance athlete has the ability to train their body in specificity, for a relatively indefinite amount of time. The mode through which this happens, though, is largley through canibalization of other power and strength capacities in the body.

As eugene and Nicholas have mentioned above, some combination of LSD training, specific to the orthopedic requirments of your sport and the CrossFit program will be necessary. The right combination becomes a question of what price you are willing to pay for specificity.

Take for instance my pursuit; snowboard mountaineering. Some of the most accomplished, strong mountaineers in the world are woefully lacking in upper body, lean muscle mass. They tend to have enormous legs, sufficient back strangth, and a slight belly. (Not all of them, but many.) I fit that model right now, though I am working my butt off to change it, because I've decided that I can accomplish what I want to in the mountaineering world without setting myself up for health problems related to upper-body obesity, later in life. I've decided that I would rather make my mark on a few technically challenging routes than to go for a ton of easier routes... less specialization = greater overall fitness = healthier, longer life.

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