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Re: A Bears Tale

Its good to see yourself doing those air squats Scott. I'm sure you'll be much more aware of that from now on during workouts. I can tell you right now that if you had more efficient olympic form, you would have beaten him by several reps.

I'm sure you're aware of your early arm bend during the cleans. If you haven't already, compare both of your guys cleans in the video. He's using mosly his hips to get the bar up to his shoulders. You are using half hips and half upper body to get the bar to your shoulders. I dont think the shoulder to overhead form is as much of a big deal (but form improvement would get you better scores).

Don't feel like I'm picking you apart Scott. I have no room to talk or judge, as I haven't used an oly bar more than 2 times in over a year. We all know that you have awesome work capacity and you are strong. Does your affiliate do any specific olympic training? If you spent quality time fixing some form issues, the results would be pretty scary. I could imagine 7-10 more reps on this workout, maybe more.
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