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Donald Woodson
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Stuart, great exercise! I use an old army backpack for trail running and hill scrambling, except I usually just run down into the creek bottom and throw some rocks into it. Then when I get too tired, I just dump them out.
I guess you could do squats that way, but I don't, (I have a bar and plates). It will change the movement/geometry some, but that's OK. Crossfit is all about frequent change and variety. Just be real careful with your back, and make sure you use abdominal pressure during the lifts (per resident guru Dave Werner). It's not hard at all to screw your back up (first hand experience).
You can also hold it in front of you to simulate front squats. Get another backpack, fill it up just like the first one and do thrusters with both of them. Back packs are great. You can design your whole workout around them. Per Dan John (a real expert): The more ways you can practice real life funtional lifts, the better off you will be.
And don't pay any attention to my "advanced" status. I'm not near as advanced as most of these folks. I just flap my jaw a lot. I learn something new every time I visit.
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