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Re: Explain why I need oly shoes again?

Originally Posted by Kevin Johnson View Post
I guess what I'm wondering is, are they really worth the $150 just to use them once or twice a week?
That assumes that you only use them 1-2 times/week. Maybe not a good assumption for everyone.

And you can get good Oly shoes for less than that. Or more. Also, assuming that you take good care of them, Oly shoes should last you darned near forever. You will likely spend *much* more on other CF shoes throughout your journey than you will on Oly shoes.

And, yes, Oly shoes are worth it if you do much Oly lifting and want to get better at it.

And, I assume you guys use them only for a training session that calls for squatting and nothing more?
I actually never do squats in my Oly shoes. I only use them for Oly lifts (clean & jerk, snatch, and related moves like OHS), and even then only when that is *all* that I am doing. If I am doing a mixed workout of some sort (i.e. an Oly lift and pretty much anything else), I don't wear my Oly shoes.

How then do you justify this for crossfit, since most wods aren't about just squatting or just oly lifting. It seems like an expensive purchase for such an isolated sector of crossfit.
I justify this by virtue of the fact that I frequently do workouts that are only Oly lifting. This is true for me but may not be for you.

So what does one use when a wod calls for snatches, squats, cleans, etc. along with running and other things like that?
There are about a million other threads on shoes for Crossfit, so I won't go into detail on my answer aside from to say that I wear Converse Chuck Taylors for pretty much every WOD that doesn't have much running. If there is running, I wear either my favorite shoe (the Onitsuka Ultimate 81) or a pair of Mizuno running shoes (I forget which model).

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