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Re: Mike Caviston

Originally Posted by Nathan Kulas View Post
Some things to keep in mind during the general discourse of this thread:

Most SF schools, BUD/S included are not just a "hey, I want to go to school!" type deal.

There is a big process for this. To narrow it down for you:

1) Schools have a maximum capacity, which means if you apply for the school, you may get in; you may get on a waiting list; you may not get in at all (right then).

2) Depending on the school, only certain units have access to submit people to them (ranger school can be obtained in your enlistment contract, but he pre-requisites: airborne school, etc.); other schools require a specific selection process.

3) Due to (1) and (2), only a limited amount of people can be submitted for a school - and a unit will not submit people who are e.g. failing PT/PFT test, etc. They are generally scoring max or high scores on PT/PFT tests - 20 dead hang pull-ups, 75 push-ups in 2 minutes, 80 sit-ups, 13:00 2 mile run or 18:00 3 mile run, etc. etc. Rounded military athletes. They have shown in other schools that they are capable of exceeding standards.

These schools are not for the general public that have moderate (at best) physical capabilities. People going to BUD/S have been selected because of their achievements. With that in mind, they don't particularly need GPP conditioning.

That said, there are a lot of specific requirements for each school - MOST SF schools have a requirement that includes an endurance event.

So given that 1) candidates for these schools have a sufficient GPP and 2) there are specific requirements for the school, this means that there is likely a better program than the CrossFit mainpage WOD for developing successful candidates.

Does this mean CrossFit should not be used? No - but I for one would CERTAINLY suggest additional training, specifically in endurance events before attempting one of these schools.

I imagine the people who know the requirements best are best qualified for making suggestions on how the pass the course. I'm not going to dig up a quote - but someone said something about "getting people through the course who aren't qualified, by training them specifically... yatta yatta". The point of the above is that most people attending the school are qualified - so the goal at this point is for them to meet the school requirements - which are based around the job requirements. So why not train specifically for the requirements?

Makes sense to me.
This is inaccurate. The PST is as close to a GPP test that the military has. The former operators carrying this message are telling you GPP is vital. There is no wait list for BUD/S, you submit your package andthe Navy either accepts it and cuts you orders oir not. Navy boot camp is the only prereq for NSW training, and it can be hardly be accused of being good prep for BUD/S.

The job requirements physically, are vastly different than the training, but the core skills of training don't go away either. You need...GPP, anyway you cut it.

The test scores you list are USMC scores, irrelevant to the Navy, unless you're an FMF Corpsman.

You're over your head here, quit now.